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Guidlight Architecture
The purpose of GUIDLIGHT ARCHITECTURE is the night-time enhancement of tourist sites, both on land or water. GUIDLIGHT ARCHITECTURE is a famous prestige lighting company for hotels The company’s know how can be applied equally to buildings and landscapes. Our intervention aims at highlighting those sites in order to make them as attractive at night as in the day time, thus contributing not only to extend daytime activity but also to increase night time safety on the sites. Combining aesthetics and safety contributes to improve attendance on tourist sites. In order to achieve that goal and establish its competence, our company has been compelled to select with utmost care its manpower, products and techniques – in a word, to innovate. The perception of light and its subtleties demands a particular sensitivity and a keen eye. That is why, above and beyond any other criteria, we have selected for the design of our projects men who came to us from the world of photography – a world where light is essential to a successfull shot.
Gérard ROBIN, a trained optician and an expert at various photographic techniques through his professional experience (10 years with FNAC PARIS in the professional photography department), after state-of-the-art technical training with Hasselblad, Leica, worked for 4 years at Mamiya-Godard as head other pro department, in close contact with the biggest studios and shooting sets in Paris, develops and supervises the lights design. Most susceptible to nature and its beauties, G. ROBIN excels in the lighting of parks and gardens, where he knows how to highlight the most beautiful species and create a true lacework of light, turning a nightly stroll into a magical experience. second-key person is Eric ROBIN. A graduate of a top business school and a man of finance, he synthesizes the field work . Always eager to offer the highest quality at the fairest price, he keeps an eye on the company’s competitiveness. This exclusive blend of two creative and innovative minds and a money-wise administrator, brought together by the common passion that fires them, has enabled GUIDLIGHT ARCHITECTURE to achieve a number of enchanting light spectaculars all over Provence, as well as in Paris and overseas.
The underwater lighting system is a real innovation for which we are the precursors. It allows to illuminate the sea in harbors, marinas, creeks... The specific spotlights used are designed to resist the attacks of seawater. They combine technological prowess with uncommon aesthetic subaquatic lighting which can leave no one indifferent.
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Fairmont Hotel Monaco Guidlight Architecture
Guidlight - Architectural lighting designer
Subaquatic lighting system
Hotels & Palaces
we illuminate hotels & palaces all around the world.
Harbours & Marinas
A technical feast to withstand the sea, extraordinary aesthetic, subaquatic lighting leaves nobody indifferent.
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We love to give the most exclusive properties a new dimension at night.
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